Who we are

  • Manufacturer of top quality sportswear and custom team uniforms
  • Reseller of world-class brand name apparel, corporate apparel, performance wear, work wear, and promotional items
  • Family owned and operated for over 30 years
  • Proudly Canadian

What we do

  • We offer brand name apparel and promotional items
  • We design, cut and sew custom clothing and sportswear
  • We push your brand further through custom decoration

Brands we offer


Whether you need 1 or 1000 pieces, we've got the best brands at the lowest prices.

GMP Sportswear is proud to offer apparel and other promotional products from some of the biggest brand name suppliers in the world.

From corporate wear and high performance athletic apparel to hockey bags and recycled water bottles, we have what you need. Plus, we offer in-house services to support every stage of your project from graphic support to decoration.


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Decoration Services


We have several ways for your design to appear on your chosen clothes and each one brings an unique character to the finished outfit. It is important to know the diiference as it will help you to choose the most suitable technique for your propose.


Embroidery will give your clothes a professional look. All embroidery is done in house by high end embroidery machines which gives our embroidered pieces the finished look and perfect application of the design. Manually inserting each piece of clothing into the machine, we make sure the design is perfectly placed and meets our quality standards. $ Pricing depends on the number of stitches (which reflects the complexity of the design) with a small set-up fee for new artworks

Best for:     chest & sleeve logos, names   corporate clothing    hats & toques   


Screenprinting is a fast and efficient way of reproducing a design on large of items at a time. Printed with thick ink pressed through a prepared net, a screenprinted design can be up to 5 layers, one colour each. White base layer helps us ensure that the design will be as vivid and beautiful on dark fabrics as it would be on brighter ones. $ Screen set-up fees for each layer of colour are added to the cost of printing per item, so this method works best for larger quantities.

Best for:     full font & back images   large quantities    detailed designs    T-shirts, sweatshirts

Twill Applique

Twill Applique will give a bold and finished look to your sweatshirt and hoodie. Tackle twill is a special kind of fabric with ine side covered with strong heat-activated adhesive which will hold the applique in place. To secure the edges, the design will then be stitched all around, which also adds to the beauty of the applique. Twill applique can be combined of several layers of fresh, vivid colours. Price is a combination of the cost of tackle twill used and nimber of stitches on the embroidery side. 

Best for:     full font designs   bold looking personal names & numbers    T-shirts, sweatshirts

Thermo Film

Thermo Film is a cost-effective and durble option, perfect for a single pieces. A digital cutter is used to cut shapes out of thermo film which is then applied to the fabric under heat and pressure. Film can be used for almost any. It can be surprisingly detailed and can combine several colours. It is out favourite technique for names and numbers on sport jerseys. $ Price is based on amount of thermo film used.

Best for:     personal names & numbers  small quantities    less accessible surfaces  jerseys, bags

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